On a Journey

I’ve been packing my bags this morning for a quick trip out west for my niece’s wedding.  Medicines, underwear, nice dress, t-shirts… oh, and don’t forget the swimsuit for the hotel pool.  (I once took the top, but not the bottom of my two piece swimsuit.  I now pack both the original and the one … Continue reading On a Journey



I enjoyed this post from a blog I follow. Have you ever baked a cake with a toddler? It has a lot to tech us about God!


Have you ever baked a cake with a toddler?

If you haven’t, well, let’s just say that it’s…an experience.


A cute, photo-op filled, splatter-fest, that, if you’re lucky, results in a cake that’s barely holding on for dear life.

This happened today.

You see, we’re celebrating my now-four-year-old niece’s birthday tonight while we’re all up at our lake home in Wisconsin for the Fourth of July.

And so this afternoon, part of making today special for her was to bake her birthday cake together.

She loves cooking in the kitchen, especially when it involves something sweet, so needless to say, she was having a ball.

And if you know anything about almost-four year olds, they are very independent, and want to do things themselves. And baking this cake was no different.

I’ll tell you what, the Type A perfectionist in me was doing everything I could to not just grab…

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I am writing this during a scheduled writing retreat that I planned with a friend.  We’re staying up late, drinking caffeine and eating food that is bad for us.  (Well, I am; she brought fairly healthy snacks!)  I’m enjoying my new Savannah office for Openings: Let the Spirit In and taking advantage of the quiet … Continue reading Friends