Are you Rootbound?

Mitch Teemly has just published a great blog on being "rootbound" -- strangled by our pasts.  He suggests that we can best cut away the roots that bind us with the help of another person -- I immediately thought that's what I do in spiritual direction sometimes. Check out Rootbound And if you're feeling the … Continue reading Are you Rootbound?



By the time you read this, my first-world problems today will have been solved – they’ll have to be because I can’t post this until I have internet.  But for some reason the wireless connection at the library where I’m spending the morning is out of commission. I have a video conference tonight and one … Continue reading Disconnected

Block by Block

My husband and son are in the midst of a major renovation project. The Trio blocks from childhood have come out and dinosaurs and farmyards are taking over our living room once again.  Fact is, it has been many years since the Trios have been used, but as we seek less screen time and more … Continue reading Block by Block



Last night while my husband placed ashes on my forehead and the forehead of our 11-year old son and we contemplated our mortality, I cried. Someone once told my husband when our son was very tiny that it was cute when he placed ashes on his little forehead. My husband realized that they didn’t understand … Continue reading Ashes


Improv on 1 Corinthians 13 for Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day

This is beautiful!

When I was a child, I said “I love you.”
I cut out pink and red hearts,
and gave them to everyone, even the bullies,
but when I became an adult,
I decided to make it more complicated.

Gifts in Open Hands

If I speak in tongues of justice or spirituality,
but do not have ashes,
I am a self-congratulating vigil,
a Sunday service inspired by itself.
If I have social media outreach,
a labyrinth in the church garden,
Bible study in the brew-pub,
and, if I have a capital campaign
to remove pews, put in church chairs,
and even add a coffee shop,
but do not have ashes, I am nothing.
If I give to church-wide offerings,
and go on mission trips so that I may boast,
but do not have ashes, I gain nothing.

Ashes are awkward; ashes are dirty;
ashes, like love,
are not envious, boastful, arrogant or rude.
Ashes do not insist on a perfect Lent;
they do not even need to be in church
or a gimmick to get folks to church;
they do not inventory wrongdoing,
especially the wrongdoing of others,

but rejoice in the precious…

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By the Numbers

Late last month I went to an Enneagram workshop.  The Enneagram is a way of describing basic personality types, based on ancient wisdom, about our motivations and core of our behaviors. When I first saw the chart many years ago, I thought it looked a bit like a pentagram, some spell-casting charm.  It’s not, but … Continue reading By the Numbers


Rosie New Car Dreams

Last Saturday I was driving home from a conference and my 10 year old Prius’ dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. I didn’t know there were so many red lights and symbols possible. My husband and I had been talking about when we’d be thinking about a new car and this seemed like the … Continue reading Rosie New Car Dreams



I was recently betrayed by some people whom I never would have suspected. Then again, I guess it wouldn’t have been betrayal if I had expected it.  It might have been their perfidy, outright maliciousness or unthinking insensitivity. I might have felt hurt, angry or disappointed.  But it wouldn’t have been betrayal, except these were … Continue reading Betrayal


A Swing and a Miss

So I have been great about posting one blog per week since April last year – really great!  I was sometimes later in the week than others, but it was always done. Until last week.  No post from last week. And to be honest, I’m struggling to get back out there and write something for … Continue reading A Swing and a Miss


Board Games

My husband and I have an ongoing disagreement.  I like many video games and think within reason they are a positive, not a negative. Now this is not shoot ‘em up, adult-rated kinds of things, but if our son escapes for an hour or two after school from the “real” world by entering the world … Continue reading Board Games