Opening Up

The Holy Spirit is as real and present for me as either of the other two persons of the Trinity.  I cannot have a relationship with Jesus without that Spirit dwelling in me.  I can never begin to accept the vastness and mystery of the One Jesus called Father without relying on the Spirit to … Continue reading Opening Up


High School Revisited (part 2)

Many years ago, when I was in high school, I wrote a few chapters of a YA novel. I was sure at the time that my creative talent would soon launch my multi-million dollar/best-seller novelist career.  And maybe it would have, if pre-calculus hadn’t taken up all my time my senior year. But probably not.  … Continue reading High School Revisited (part 2)


I wasn’t sure if I’d hear it again – the distinctive rattle that for weeks when we first moved to Savannah we could not identify.  It literally shook the house and seemed like maybe the fireplace was falling in.  What could make that reverberating jackhammer sound on the metal chimney pipe. Of course, we soon … Continue reading Woodpecker


Twenty plus years ago I studied German in college.  What I remember was enough to get my family and I safely through a wonderful family trip to Southwest Germany last month, but there were always words here and there to trip me up. One lovely afternoon we were walking around Titisee, a beautiful lakeside town … Continue reading Ruhepark